Why Rent At Bloom?

Bloom sets a new standard for apartment living. Most of Toronto’s apartment are in older generation buildings. Beautifully designed and professionally managed, Bloom residents will benefit from luxurious amenities while living in a brand-new purpose built building.

What are the advantages of renting?

  • Renting provides financial flexibility. No heft down payment, no closing costs, no property taxes, or monthly condominiums.
  • Renting frees you from ownership responsibilities. Maintenance and repairs are managed by your professional onsite service team.
  • Renting is practical and flexible. Unlike homeownership, there is no purchase or sale stress or maintenance worries.
  • No more worrying about the state of the housing market or about mortgage interest rates.

What are the benefits of our rentals?

Bloom showcases the best of modern rental living.

  • Long term tenure can be achieved as leases are easily extended, giving tenants the option to determine how long they choose to live in the renal suite.
  • A professional property management team looks after the building and all the details in each suite, and thus ensuring problem-free living.
  • Suites are designed for comfort and efficient living with superior quality materials.
  • It’s easy to upsize or downsize your suite at Bloom. We will gladly work with you to arrange a seamless relocation should you decide you need more or less space.
  • Unlike renting a condo, your apartment can not be reclaimed by the owner for personal use.

When can I move-in?

Call your email us today to schedule your personal tour and move-in today!

Who takes care of the maintenance at Bloom?

Our onsite management team focuses on your comfort and is responsible for all property maintenance issues.